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This is a wiki for sharing information that is useful in the fight against climate change. Go ahead and make any changes that will help in the fight!

The focus is on general strategies and specific methods. This includes anything from practice already implemented at industrial scale to new ideas.

Information should be factual where possible. Where hard facts are unavailable, we strive for reasonable estimates presented accordingly. Where ideas are discussed, we seek constructive, educated criticism and refinement.

This is not a place to debate the science behind climate change. This is a place to effect positive change.

Get involved[edit]

Edit this wiki! Anyone can help by sharing their knowledge and ideas, and building upon those of others. Click "Edit" on any page to get straight into it or create an account to keep track of your contributions.

The strategies and methods category lists are good starting points to find suitable topics. See the wish list for ideas of new pages to be created.

Find a way to get in touch if you would like to be involved another way.


Fight climate change.

How we work[edit]

We do what we can with the resources available, which at the time of writing are very limited.

With more resources, we would provide more and better information.

With even more resources, we would help develop and refine approaches for the benefit of others who take direct action. We would also seek to influence relevant government policy.

With substantially more resources, we would directly fight climate change on an industrial scale.